Whose brand is stronger: George Takei or Starbucks?


Who would have guessed that a 74 year old gay rights and Japanese internment camp awareness advocate (and oh yeah, Mr. Sulu) would have more sway than a multi-billion dollar company?

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The Numbers

While Starbucks has 28.4 million Likes to Takei’s 1.1 million, Takei has 950,000 people interacting with his page in some way to Starbucks’ 281,000. Damn. That’s a big difference.

starbucks facebook, starbucks facebook page

Behold, The Power of Content

George Takei was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek for his meteoric rise (great post, worth reading). By mostly just sharing easy image content (along with a few quips along the way):

True to my base, I like to find fan-generated images that are in the world of science fiction, especially Star Trek or Star Wars—both are franchises that I have worked in.

I also have a strong LGBT following, so images that have a gay spin to them are common. We’re split about 50/50 men and women, so posts that poke fun at either or both sexes are popular. On top of these, posts that make you think—or speak to the politics of the day or even of the moment—tend to be shared and commented on frequently.

He knows what works…

If you keep your content within a general range and provide something of interest, you can build yourself up, as well. Just be interesting, consistent and interactive.

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